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About Us

C C C 

A Christ Centered Church

Centered in Central Minnesota in the town of Holdingford


The past 17 years as the Senior Pastor of Community Country Church have been thrilling to say the least. I'm not most excited about the new building as wonderful as it is, or the beautiful view and visibility of this new ministry center. We truly want to reach the unchurched and what I am most excited about is seeing the Kids' Bible Club Program and S.W.A.T. (Students with a Testimony) expanding. It warms my heart to see people turning to the Lord. We stopped taking attendance at church because in the end nickels and noses mean nothing. Changed lives are the mark of a church where God is at work.  We will continue to preach God's Word. Christ is the only answer for the problems of today. We will continue to lift up Christ so that all will see how beautiful a savior. Join us in this endeavor!


In Christ's Love,

Pastor Greggrey A. Valentine 


Rev. Gregg Valentine and Nancy accepted the call to be the Pastor of Community Country Church on November 1, 2006. Gregg had been the Interim Pastor at CCC for about eight months.  After 40 days of prayer, the congregation took a vote and extended the call. Pastor Gregg Valentine is the full-time Chaplain for the Morrison County Sheriff's Office.  Gregg's primary calling is to help people, and he feels that the preaching, teaching, and Chaplaincy work he is able to do is a gift from the Lord.


Pastoring and preaching are Gregg's heart. He has a passion to share the love of God.

Photo of Pastor Gregg Valentine

Praising the Lord for His faithfulness...​ ​In 1896, John Sabol began missionary work among the Slovak people int eh south portion of Elmdale Township in Morrison County. Eventually,  the "Slovak Congregational Church of South Elmdale" was officially organized on September 19th 1897. ​During the ensuing years, the name of the church was changed to South Elmdale Congregational Church and later to Community Country Church. A parcel of land was purchased in 2003. Construction on a new church facility began in 2009. Our new church home was dedicated in 2010. 

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